The Official Guide translated into English

The original guide of the Ignatian Way has been translated to English as it was before in German. The English version has been actualized to December 2016, so it has the latest changes in itinerary and services available to the pilgrims.

You can get the guide online from Grupo Loyola Communications or from Amazon Store or just sending an e-mail to: 

If you want to order a big number of books you can ask to

The pilgrimage of Saint Ignatius from Loyola to Manresa in 1522 changed the life of the founder of the Society of Jesus and changed history.

This book is a practical guide on route of the 700 kilometers that separate the two sanctuaries and a spiritual guide that illuminates the day to day with meditations and reflections as well.

In December the second book of the Ignatian Way, “Healing to Freedom” will be in the market in the English version as well.