Step 13. Tudela – Gallur (39,3 km)

You may be sure that the progress you make in spiritual things will be in proportion to the degree of your withdrawal from self-love and concern for your own welfare

Easy for cyclists, but there are two points between Ribaforada and Cortes at which you have to take short alternative routes, following dirt roads bordering these points. If you always keep the railway as your reference point, you won’t get lost.  Pilgrims on foot can travel more easily along the small trails or loose stone paths near the railway, which remains our reference until Cortes.

Tudela: Km 0. El Bocal: Km 8.7. Ribaforada: Km 13.5. Cortes: Km 26.2. Mallén: Km 29.2. Gallur: Km 39.3.

We leave Tudela. We follow the Street Camino Caritat, to our left and head to the bridge over the railway lines. Next to the bridge there is a small path leading to the same bridge which enables us to cross the tracks. In these early morning hours we take the route of the sun, which is rising over the distant Mediterranean.

We cross the bridge, and just as we come down, we take a road to the right, which curves backward and leads to a power transformer station. Our route is wide and continues straight ahead, without difficulty. As we progress, we leave behind farms and small villages. Staying on the wide path, we reach the asphalt road, which we pass under by way of the bridge over the train line; it takes us the long way around. Once we have left that bridge, we come to a crossroads where we take the road to the right, which takes us close to the train lines. Afterabout one kilometre, a paved roadway appears. The train line, always on our right, accompanies us until we come close to the main door of the “El Carrizal” ranch.

Our route continues straight ahead; it is wide and without turnoffs. A little later, we come upon a road, which we take to our left. We then come near to the Canal Imperial, which we will follow as we go on. The road continues, with the waters of the canal on our left and the train line on our right.

We reach the bridge called “Formigales”. Right after crossing it, we take the road to the right, a wide path that leaves behind us the buildings of “El Bocal.” We continue walking, following the course of the water, which is always on our right. If up to this point you haven’t been using a hat, we recommend that you put one on now: there aren’t many trees in this part of the Camino! And we have 5 kilometres ahead of us.

On our right, we take the first bridge that crosses the canal. Leaving the canal behind, we enter Ribaforada. The same street by which we enter the town leads us directly to the train line, which goes through the centre of the town. When we come to the train line, we turn to our left, without crossing the tracks. A kindly traveling companion, the “iron road” will take us some 10 kilometres, until we reach Cortes. Always on our left, it will be our trusty guide. After about two kilometres, the road turns at a right angle and begins to separate from the rail line. There can be no mistake, because there is a large factory, and at a distance of about 200 meters a bridge can be seen. You can continue alongside the tracks until just after the bridge, and the road appears again, still parallel to the train lines.

After another two long kilometres, cyclists have to let the road take them almost one kilometre away from the railway line, until they see a very clear intersection to the right which takes them back to the same pilgrim’s road that we were walking along, near to the railroad. Pilgrims on foot take a different route: they can follow the road straight ahead which runs beside the railway line, although it does become a bit lost along this 200 metre stretch. At the end of this section, the dirt road that is always parallel with the railway reappears. Cyclists can, from this point, continue along the dirt road. We keep walking, with the rail tracks on our right. Finally, our route angles off away from the train line and take us further and further away from it, toward the first farms, which indicate we are in the vicinity of the town of Cortes. Our farm road continues straight until we come to a large roundabout, right at the entrance of Cortes. We turn to our right at that roundabout.

As we enter the town, we follow the main street, which turns slightly to the right, until we reach a narrow street appearing on our left and leading us to a castle and the church of St. John Baptist. We keep traveling along the same street, until it turns into another street toward the right.  We should stay on the street of San Miguel and keep walking toward the train station. When we reach the tracks, the road goes under them, and so do we.

We stay on our road as it turns slightly to the right. We follow a long, straight stretch of paved highway, which leads us to a roundabout allowing us to pass under the N-232 road. We keep going straight, crossing a second roundabout without turning to either side. At this point we will be entering into Mallén.

When we reach a triangular plaza with a garden, we turn left and walk alongside the plaza. This street brings us to the plaza of the church of Our Lady of the Angels. We take Avenida Zaragoza and in 100 metres turn left down a street that descends towards the N-232. We cross it towards the Mallén industrial Park. We go straight down the street that goes through the industrial park and when we reach the end, we take the path on the right. In 50 metres, at the first fork, we take the dirt road to the left.

We go through the train tunnel and in 300 metres we arrive at the Imperial Water Channel. We take it to the right and cross the nearby bridge, following the water channel on its left margin until we reach Gallur. We have 7 kilometres to walk ahead of us.

Remaining beside the water, we enter Gallur, crossing the blue bridge over the Imperial Canal in the direction of the municipal pools. Right in front of us there is the train station and in the building next door is the pilgrims’ hostel and restaurant. The end of this stage is very close to the swimming pools.

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Albergue de peregrinos . Pilgrims’ hostel (32 beds. Beside the train station).
City Hall . Las Moreras s/n Tel.: 976 864 073. Free admission to the municipal swimming pool for pilgrims carrying credentials.
Hostal El Colono . (special prices for pilgrims) 976 864 275.


City Hall . Tel.: 976 850 005.
Hostal Pinocho . s/ Tudela, 4. Tel.: 976 850 225.


City Hall . : 948 864 005.


Taxi Aranguren . Tel: 948 821 199
Taxis de Tudela . Tel: 948 822 027

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