Step 11. Calahorra – Alfaro (25,6 km)

It is not enough that I should serve God by myself: I must help the hearts of all to love him and the tongues of all to praise him

No difficulties for cyclists

Calahorra: Km 0. Rincón de Soto: Km 13.4. Alfaro: Km 25.6.

We leave the hostel and walk toward the Cathedral and then cross the River Cidacos, which hopefully will be flowing. About 150 meters after the river we turn to the left onto a paved highway which leads to the town of Azagra (LR-486) and the cementery of Calahorra We follow it until it takes us to a tunnel under a train line. About 150 meters after the bridge, we leave the highway and take another paved road to our right, which meets up with the train line. As has been happening repeatedly and will continue to happen in future stages, the train line keeps us company from town to town.

Up to Canal de Lodosa waters we keep on the road, leaving the railway behind. Fork: we take left. After 4.5 kilometres of paved road, next to a demolished house, we take the dirt road to the right. We always walk straight on, without taking any diversion of the different ways that it shows. We come close to the railway and we will follow it in parallel till reaching Rincón de Soto. We pass a railroad crossing that remains on our right, continuing straight ahead until we reach a second railroad crossing at which we cross. In 100 metres we take the path to the left and we will continue straight ahead, parallel to the railway line, up to Rincon town.

We enter Rincón del Soto and cross the railway line to reach the Avenue of the Rioja.  From there we go straight on before turning right to reach the City Hall.

We leave Rincon be means of Avenue Prince Felipe and we come to an intersection with a railroad crossing. We don’t cross but we turn left onto Alfaro River Avenue. The street turns to the right and directs us to a road bridge which rises over an irrigation canal. We continue straight on the asphalt, keeping the canal to our left.

We pass under the bridge as we continue to walk parallel to the canal for a short while. The road, Camino del Esportal, leads us for 6 kilometres along the train line, parallel to the   N-232. We walk straight ahead on the same road. Following a curve of 90 degrees to the right, we go up to cross first, a small bridge over an irrigation canal, then the train tracks before finally reaching the N-232, which we will follow to our left until we reach Alfaro.

As we walk toward Alfaro, we will come upon the chapel of Pilar, impressively set on a small promontory over the highway. We enter the town and come to a roundabout, where we keep going straight so that we cross over the Alhama River and arrive at the bus station and then at the Plaza de Toros. We walk along the edge of the Plaza, keeping it to our left. Following the avenue which turns to the right, we reach a tree-lined promenade, which appears on our left. This is the Paseo de la Florida, where the pilgrims’ hostel is located.

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City Hall . Tel.: 941 180 133.
Hotel HM Alfaro* . C/ San Antón, 32. Tel.: 941 180 056 (12% discount for pilgrims)
Hotel Palacios** . Ctra. Zaragoza, 57. Tel.: 941 180 100. Price reduction for pilgrims with credential. Pilgrim menu at the restaurant.
Pilgrims’ Hostel. . 10 free places. Information at the Tourist Office (10: 00-14: 00) or at City Hall (17: 00-20: 00): Calle Paseo de la Florida, 23.
Youth Hostel Alhama . C/ Puerta de Milagro. Tel.: 941 291 100.


Taxis . Tel: 941 130 016 / 618 019 156

Rincón de Soto

Ayuntamiento . Tel: 941 160 013


En Alfaro existe el albergue de peregrinos municipal sencillo pero más que suficiente atendido por Paco (empleado del Ayuntamiento) que se desvivío por nosotros.

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