Step 10. Alcanadre – Calahorra (21,5 km)

He who has God lacks nothing, though he has nothing else

Cyclists:  medium difficulty.  There are no steep steps to climb but there are some sections with loose rock that hinders progress.

Alcanadre: km 0. N-123 Highway crossing: km 7.2. Bridge over train tracks: km 9.3. Calahorra: km. 21.5.

We go left as we leave the Hostel and walk toward Los Pilares street. We follow this street, which curves slightly to the left and then to the right. In this way we cross through the town and reach the LR-260 which we cross at a right angle. We leave the asphalt and enter onto a road. We continue straight along that road, passing a warehouse on our right.

We pass a solar power station on our right. In 1.3 kilometres from that point, we arrive at the highest point of the road.  Here, the road divides: we take the road to the right, which is straight in front of us. This road then turns to the right, and we continue to follow it without taking any side road.

We cross highway AP-68 on an elevated bridge. As we come off the bridge, we turn to the left and take the dirt road which runs parallel to the highway. We continue walking parallel to the highway. We come to the N-123. We cross it, turning to our right and on the other side of the road.  Just at the beginning of the highway we turn onto our dirt road again. We keep walking parallel to the highway until reaching a tunnel, which allows us to cross under the highway to the other side. We turn right and we go straight on, parallel to the highway until we come to the train line, which right away we cross on a bridge. Right after the bridge we take a dirt road to our right. The road keeps us walking always parallel to the train tracks. We arrive at Lodosa Water Chanel and we turn right.

We reach a paved road, which we cross at a right angle. We take the asphalt road in front of us. Further on we follow the dirt road until we reach a stone and sand quarry. At the crossroads we keep going on our road, almost in a straight line. The dirt road ends into another, which we take to the right and which takes us to a bridge over the train line.

We don’t leave the paved road until reaching Calahorra. We cross a roundabout and continue straight. We enter on the road called Carretera de Murillo, and then we turn left on Calle de San Millan and proceed to the Plaza Diego Camporredondo. We keep going straight on Calle Ruiz y Menta until we reach the Paseo del Mercadal, which we take to the right. At the end of the Paseo, we turn left onto the Calle de los Mártires, which then becomes Calle Grande and finally Calle Mayor. We walk across the interesting Plaza del Raso, and 300 meters further on, near the Plaza de la Doctora García, we find the convent and the church of Saint Francis, the location of the modern Pilgrims’ Hostel.


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Taxis Pachicho . Tel: 948 693 055
Taxis Pradejon . Tel: 619 964 141


Albergue de Juventud . Youth Hostel (for groups of 15 persons or more). Paseo de las Bolas, no street number. Tel: 941 105 071. Reservations must be made in the Local Youth Office. Tel: 941 146 511
Albergue de peregrinos San Francisco . Pilgrims’ Hostel San Francisco (18 beds): Calle Rasillo de San Francisco, no street number, beside the convent of San Francisco. Tel: 941 590 511
Ayuntamiento . Tel.: 941 105 050
Ciudad de Calahorra . C/ Maestro Falla, 1. Tel.: 941 147 434.
Hostal Gala . Gala Hostel. (10% discount for pilgrims carrying credentials) .Avenida de la Estación, 7. Tel: 941 145 515.
Parador de Calahorra**** . Paseo del Mercadal, s/n. Tel.: 941 130 358.


Excelente acogida en el albergue San Francisco. Muy bueno el restaurante adjunto y con una magnifica vista. Hasta con una bebida de cortesía nos recibieron. El albergue moderno , amplio y limpio. Muchas gracias.

He pasado por Calahorra el mes de Abril del 2017 y el albergue de peregrinos San Francisco está abierto y magnificamente atendido

ESPAÑOL Nos han notificado que el Albergue de Peregrinos San Francisco en Calahorra está cerrado. No es una información oficial. CATALÀ Ens han notificat que l'Alberg de Peregrins de San Francisco a Calahorra està tancat. No és una informació oficial. ENGLISH We have been notified that the Albergue de Peregrinos de San Francisco in Calahorra is closed. This information is not official. FRANÇAIS Nous avons été informés que l'Albergue de Peregrinos de San Francisco à Calahorra est fermé. Cette information n'est pas officielle. DEUTSCH Wir wurden informiert, dass der Albergue de Peregrinos de San Francisco in Calahorra geschlossen ist. Diese Information ist nicht offiziell.

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