Step 5. Alda - Genevilla (18,5 km)

It is dangerous to make everybody go forward by the same road: and worse to measure others by oneself

No difficulties for cyclists


Today there are two options as indicated in the description:

Alda: Km 0. San Vicente de Arana: Km 3,3. Oteo: Km 6,8. Antoñana: Km 11,2. Santa Cruz de Campezo: Km 18,7. Genevilla: Km 23,5.

Alda: Km 0. San Vicente de Arana: Km 3,3. Orbiso: Km 10,4. Santa Cruz de Campezo: Km 13,5. Genevilla: Km 18,5.

We leave the town by the dirt road that begins behind the houses near the town hall. At the first crossroads we turn left and continue straight until we reach San Vicente. We pay special attention to the huge tree trunk planted in a park at the entrance of the town: the "Pylon of Saint Vicent".

We go to the village fountain and the 16th century church which is very beautiful indeed. We leave the village for Uriondo Street, just behind the church, turning right, following the red and white markings of the GR 282.

The two options of today take a different way from here: the pilgrim has to choose the best for himself. Both ways take us to Santa Cruz but one takes us through the village of Oteo and Antoñana and the other takes us through Orbiso. The final destination is the same. To go to Antoñana continue Uriondo Street and take the first road on the right, just at the end of the village houses. The other option goes straight on the same Uriondo street and will be explained later on.

The way to Oteo and Antoñana is not very clear at the beginning, but is well marked because is the 828 GR. We follow the red and white signs. We're going through the fields to find a dirt road a little clearer in some meters. We're up to our right until we find the A-2128, which is below us. We always follow the same path, parallel to the road. We reach a point that leads down to the paved road and we cross it. We follow the 828 GR signposts to Oteo.

Our path runs parallel to the road, but underneath it and leaving it on the left. In view of the village of Oteo we cross the fields to the other side to go directly to the town. We pass Oteo by the Abajo street and we take a dirt road that rises on the horizon. We follow the red and white markings of the GR. Soon we take a first fork to the right, following the way we are leading. A road joins from the right to our own way, but we continue straight ahead. Our path is well marked and we take no deviation until we came in sight of Antoñana. At that moment we take a deviation to the right that leads to the town center. We pass behind the church and turn right to approach the A-132 road.

At the road, we turn right to go up to the pedestrian bridge that leads to the old train station of the Vasco – Navarro train, recently restored. Some train wagons tell us that until we reach Santa Cruz de Campezo we are going to follow the route of the old railway. We leave the station on our right and we head to the paved road A-3136 which we took on our left. We go straight ahead and in 500 m we take a dirt road on our left that leads to a small bridge. It is signposted, but in the direction opposite to ours. Walking this way we reach Santa Cruz de Campezo.

Straight on the same road we come to a bridge that crosses the A-132. Continue straight, now with the road to our right. We arrive at a crossroads: here we meet the pilgrims who took the option of going through Orbiso. We are going in together to Santa Cruz by Arrabal street.

The way that goes through Orbiso, called the Alaveses Way, follows the paved road that leaves San Vicente de Arana from Uriondo street. This alternative is signaled by orange marks and bike tourism BTT signs. A road joins us from the left, but we continue straight towards the fields. We leave an agricultural farm on our left and we climb the well-traced road. At the end of the road we turn left and take another road that goes into the forest. We follow the marks of a Mountain Bike (MTB-13 circuit that targets Orbiso.

We always continue straight without taking other paths that cross ours. We head straight to Orbiso. We pass through the village at Mayor Street and at the end of it we turn to our right and then left onto the exit road to Santa Cruz de Campezo.

At 200 m from the village, we leave the road in order to take a paved road that starts on our right. At the first fork we take a left. We left a farm on your right and we continue always straight along the same path. After some houses, we approach the A-2128 main road. We take left and we head to the roundabout at the entrance to Santa Cruz. Here we find the pilgrims coming from Antoñana.

We arrive at the entrance to the village of Santa Cruz de Campezo. We cross the A-132 and enter the village by Arrabal Street which leads to the main square. The church is at the rear. Our path continues beyond the village: in Yoar Street we ask for the “Senda de la Torca” (Path of Torca), a dirt road that takes us to Genevilla. A GR signpost and its typical red and white signs  show us the direction we have to take. 200 metres from the village we leave the wide dirt road and take a less defined one that starts at a right angle on our right. We follow the GR signs through the woods without difficulty. After 4.5 kilometres the road bears right and we reach the paved NA-743 road, which brings us into Genevilla.

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Taxi Juan Francisco Gonzalez Flores (Agurain) . Tel: 945 301 113
Taxi Juan Pérez . (en San Vicente de Arana). 945 406 064 / 659 641 183


Casa Rural El Encinedo . (8 people, apartment for rent). C/ Norte, 2.
Casa Rural Usategieta . (10% off for pilgrims). Tel: 649.851.602 / 948.378.926.
City Hall . Tel: 948 444 130.
Taxi . 931 780 030


Hostel Mariví . Herrería St, 7-9. Orbiso. Tel: 945 415 030.

San Vicente de Arana

Restaurante Obenkun . Restaurante Obenkun 945406123 Bar Vito Etxea 945406065
San Vicente de Arana City Hall . Telf.: 945 406 006. They have just opened a shelter for pilgrims.
Taxi Juan Pérez . 945 406 064 / 659 641 183

Santa Cruz de Campezo

Casa rural Ibernalo . In the Hermitage of Our Lady of Ibernalo (1.5 km going uphill from the town) we find the Hostel Ibernalo (capacity 19 people), but there is no restaurant open throughout the year, so we have to bring our dinner and breakfast. Hotel Ibernalo. Ibernalo Hermitage, St. Tel: 945 102 271 / 647 911 484.
City Hall . Tel. 945 405 443
Taxi . 661 830 677


The first 6 days were just amazing, rich in variation and challenges. It is the hardest part according to Josef. Arriving in Genevilla in the evening I had to ask Sardi my Indonesian confrater in Madrid to call the only two available places to stay overnight. Both were closed. Out of season apparently. They gave two options back to Campezo or move to the next village Cabredo where there is no places also to stay. I walked to the next and put myself totally in His hand. Que sera sera. I just remember my tiny sleeping-bag. The lamps inbthe village were lighted. I saw some people at the only bar part of the centro civico. I asked with some words about una habitacion they said Nada. While drinking a glass of beer with them I was thingking to ask their permission to stay in the bar which is not very probable. One goodhearted man offered me to bring back by car to the nearest village Campezo 9 km back. At a lost I ageeed to his generosity as he would proceed to that direction. Then we were waiting and they were talking among them. I started my strategy. I showed them my pilgrim passport. They checked it enthusiastically. Apparently they knew for the first time about the Camino Ignaciano. I showed them the maps downloaded in my ipad that I am to go to Laguardia. Very hard to go 9 km backward. Knowing that I am not just an Indonesian who are mostly Moslem they changed their mind. They asked me: are you catholic? I answered short and clear: soy Jesuita. They discussed again with the offer to stay at the Centro Civico next door not in the bar. It was the highest moment. I was so relieved. They showed me the place which is very clean with a clean toilette attached. Some tables and some chairs scaterred. I arranged 4 tables as my bed. I put the light off it was almost eleven. They knocked the door. Surprise. They gave the stamp of the village cooperative of Cabredo in the pilgrim passport. And another surprise they said that at 8 a.m.they would prepare a breakfast. They gave caffe con leche and some cakes. And all for free. Two señoras serves the breakfast and showed me off. I just asked them to pose in front of thr place. They seemd very proud that Cabredo is known as part of the Camino Ignaciano. They showed me the direction up to the mountain in front of us. Off I went up high with a high spirit too. Good rewards their kindness.

Si se viene en bici, puede merecer mucho la pena quedarse en Santa Cruz de Campezo. Mucho más grande y con más posibilidades que Genevilla. Por ejemplo, existen piscinas fluviales. Nosotros esta etapa la empezamos en Arantzazu y acabamos en Santa Cruz.

Este tramo es bastante simple (comparado con el anterior :-))) Solo quiero agregar que la Senda de Torca ya no está "menos clara", sino que la han limpiado bien y es fácil de detectar.

En Genevilla, Un bar esta abierto en la Casa Consistorial hace medio año (abre a la una).

Desde Araia me desvie hasta Olazagutia para alojarme en hotel. De ahi tome el autobus hasta Santa Cruz de Campezo para continuar caminando hasta Laguardia; como anduve sola y no queria perderme otra vez como me paso en camino a Araia.

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