Step 25. Cervera – Igualada (38.6 km)

Avoid all obstinacy; but when you have begun a thing well, stick to it, and do not butterfly flee through weariness and despair

Easy for bikes and with a great descent from the Panadella to Igualada

Cervera: Km 0. Pallerols: Km 12. Panadella: Km 16. Santa Maria del Camí: Km 23.8. Jorba: Km 31.6. Igualada: 38.6 kms.

We say goodbye to Cervera and set off in search of the N-II. The yellow arrows indicating the Camino de Santiago point in one direction, along the main street, but that way is an additional 2.5 kilometres so we follow a different route. Therefore, from the entrance Paeria, go down the street of Santa Maria and later turn left by Muralla Street. We approach the exit gate of the city and then we go down to the left, following the wall.

We arrive at the drinking trough of Saint Francis and we turn right to follow the path of the river Ondara. We pass picnic areas and an old watermill. The sign posts show us the way to Vergós.

We arrive to Vergós centre; we turn right and we pass the old church of San Salvador. We follow the road out of town and we reach the N-II. To our left is a tunnel that we cross and we follow the road to our right, parallel to the A-2 highway. We always keep parallel to it. We find another tunnel, which we do not go through. We continue on this route for another 700 metres and then it turns left, taking us away from the A-2.

The road traces a wide curve to the right, taking us back to the A-2. We leave on our left a traditional cement factory. We cross under the highway A-2. We come to a roundabout which we go straight across and turn in the direction of the houses of Sant Pere dels Arquells. Entering the town, we are surprised to discover a few jets “parked” in the small field on our right. We keep going until we reach the fountain of Sant Pere. At this point we turn left at right angles.

At about 200m from the fountain, once out into open country, the road forks. Our route is to the left. We follow its winding course without diverging from the road. At 1.6 kilometres we come to the L203, at which we turn left. We approach the N-II. Just before we get to the road, we take the street that lies 90° to our right, and leads to Sant Antolí i Vilanova.

We cross through the town, exiting on the far side by the same road, heading for our next village, Pallerols. Once again, we follow our road straight through the village without diverting.

Pay attention on this point!: the road makes a 90 degree left turn and in 100 metres turns right again. We continue for 150 metres before taking another trail which starts 90 degrees to our left. On our right we pass a wooded area. We continue straight ahead, always keeping to our wide road. We pass through forested areas, maintaining the same route and disregarding the roads that join or split off from ours. At 1.7 kilometres we reach the service area of Panadella.

When approaching the N-II we pass the gas stations and restaurants in La Panadella, and we continue as far as the roundabout which we cross in order to take the descending N-II. After 5 kilometres on this road, we can partially see the town of Porquerises on our right.

We have no choice but to follow the N-II, the Camino Real de Ignacio de Loyola and of many other pilgrims who used this road in the past as we do today. By this route we arrive at Santa Maria del Camí.

We keep on the N-II and cross the bridge over the A-2 motorway. After 600 metres, we cross the A-2 once again, but this time underneath. We continue parallel to the A-2 and walk past a petrol station. Continuing on this road, we arrive at a roundabout at which we turn right, following the N-II.

We continue walking parallel the A-2, reaching a large roundabout. We enter the roundabout and once past the A-2 turn-off, we take the exit that connects to the N-II, going in the same direction. We reach Jorba by the N-II, crossing through the village on this road. As we leave the town we take an asphalt road on our right. This is an old road, fairly parallel to the N-II. A football field greets us on our right. Do not leave the road, which takes us to the houses in Sant Genis, on our right.

We enter the village and cross the main road. We follow the same road, towards Igualada crossing over the A-2 on the bridge. We continue straight and at the other side of the A-2 at the roundabout we go straight across towards Santa Margarida de Montbui and Ahead lays the city of Igualada.

We are on Sant Jaume Sesoliveres Road, C-241c. We press on, always on the road, down to Igualada. We pass a roundabout and come to the Avenida de Àngel Guimerà. The hermitage of Sant Jaume de Sesoliveres is on our left, on top. We leave Av Angel Guimerá to enter Felicia Matheu Street, and so we avoid the traffic. Go straight down the street of Sant Jaume Serras, and then we go Z turning, right and left, down on Les Alzines street.

We go straight on and just after the little bridge over the River Anoia, we reach a roundabout. We cross straight over and continue along the same Av de Àngel Guimerà, until we come across a petrol station on our right. We turn right on the la rue de Prat de la Riba, which curves to the left. (Note: the pilgrims’ shelter can be found by turning left about 200 m. The small hostal of pilgrims is inside an old factory on this same street). We go straight over the road junction and find ourselves in La Rue de Sant Ignasi. We go straight on, noting the name change to Rue de Sant Doménech. We arrive at the Plaza de la Creu. The Calle de l’Argent leads off from here, which takes us to the church of Santa Maria.

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Auto Taxi Sala 24h . Tel: 608 608 130
Taxi Agramunt . Tel: 973 923 327


City Hall . Tel: 938 031 950.
Hotel América*** . Av. Mestre Montaner, 44-45. Tel: 938 031 000.
Pensión Canaletas . Av. Mestre Montaner, 60. Tel: 938 032 750
Pilgrim's Hostel . Prat de la Riva Street, 47. Tel: 938 045 515 (12 beds). Reception and keys: Gaudí Avenue, 26 (8 to 22h).
Taxi Enric Subirana . 630 538 033
Taxi Marcial . 938 045 503
Taxiradio Igualada . Tel: 938 070 308
Taxis Igualada . 609 478 219


Pilgrim's Hostel . Meals available. Plaza de la Fuente, 3, tel. 93 809 41 01

La Panadella

Hostal Bayona . Hostel Bayona (special rates for pilgrims, on request). Tel: 938 092 011. Some restaurants also offer accommodation.


[Camino Ignaciano en bicicleta tipo gravel] De Cervera a La Panadella, si se sigue el Camino Ignaciano el ciclista de carretera encontrará bastante grava y piedra suelta que dificultará la rodada. Para los que opten por hacer carretera, a la salida de Cervera se puede tomar la N-II hasta Sant Antolí i Vilanova y después la LV-2032 hasta Pallerols, de ahí, una calle con una cuestecita bastante pronunciada nos llevará de nuevo a la N-II que nos acercará a la Panadella. Desde ahí, se sigue el Camino Ignaciano hasta Igualada. A partir de Santa María del Camí hay una pista ciclista que nos acercará hasta Jorba y luego sin problema hasta Igualada. Para quienes deseen hacer etapa en Igualada, el escaso alojamiento de la localidad es un problema. Igualada sólo cuenta con un hotel (reconocido y más o menos recomendable) que es bastante caro y en donde los precios varían según la oferta y la demanda (es la localidad en donde pagué más caro el alojamiento!) También hay un hostal, pero por lo que me indicó la gente de Igualada, no es recomendable alojarse ahí (aunque este local aparezca en la guía del Camino Ignaciano). La otra opción es alojarse en el albergue de peregrinos.

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