Step 24. Verdú – Cervera (17 km)

Make no decision about anything when the mind is biased either by affection or by great dejection. Put it off till the anxiety has disappeared, so that you may do what mature reason, not impulse, dictates

No difficulties for cyclists

Verdú: Km 0. Tárrega: Km 4. Cervera: Km 17.

We leave this charming town starting from the church of Santa Maria de Verdú via Font Street and we come to a path that starts in front of us descending close to some houses already in the countryside. The dirt track where we start from is called “Road from Verdú to Tárrega,” which is our next goal.

Our path is wider and more defined than others that we see on leaving. We don’t deviate, keeping to our track which leads us to Tárrega, and to Guardia Civil Street. We turn left and follow the same street until we reach the River Ondara. We cross over the footbridge and continue along Sant Agustí Street until we arrive at the Plaza de Sant Antoni. Here, we take the main road on our right which leads onto the main square and the church of Santa Maria del Alba.

Facing the church, we take a right down the Rue dels Agoders. Going straight on, we walk along La Rue de Mossèn Jacint Verdaguer which becomes Avenida de la Generalitat. We follow the avenue all the way and finally leave the town on the road for Taradell.

We pass the church of El Pedregal on our left and after some distance enter Taradell. We go through the village and on the outskirts, we take the path that continues straight on, disregarding others that start on the left.

We are now on the “Cami Ral”, probably the true “Camino Real” which Ignacio followed on his trip to Montserrat. We pass the cemetery on our left, continuing on this road, although at one point the road veers sharply to the right; we, however, always go straight on. We approach the small town of Fonolleres, which is partly on a height, but we pass it by on our left.

Maintaining the same direction, 900 metres past Fonolleres, on our right, we spot the fairly dilapidated Saportella “tower house”. We continue on the track which is now wider and well-marked. Other roads meet ours or we meet them, but we stick to our track.

The trail ends near the ruins of the church of Santa Magdalena. We take the asphalt road to our left, to go to Cervera. We follow the road for about 700 metres and on our right, amongst the first houses that are situated near the road, we see the hermitage of Sant Magi. We turn 90° right, to pass along this street and enter Cervera city.

We are now in Castle Street which leads to the ruins of the old castle. Turning left, another street brings us into the old city centre. We arrive at the church of Santa Maria.

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City Hall . Tel: 973 530 002.
Hostal Bona Teca . Avinguda Mil·lenari de Catalunya, 49, 25200 Cervera Tel: 973 53 19 16
Hostal Bonavista Cervera*** . Av. Catalunya, 14. Tel: 973 530 027
Hostal la Savina . Camí dels Horts 2, Tel:973 531 393
Residence-college – Albergue de peregrinos Sagrada Familia . c/ Sabaters 6 (entrance next to c/Mayor, 517). Tel: 973 530 805.


Albergue de Ca N’Aleix de la Zarza . Plaza del Carme, 5. Tel: 973 314 635.
City Hall . Tel: 973 311 608.
Hotel Ciutat de Tàrrega*** . C/ Sant Pelegrí, 95. Tel: 973 314 737
Hotel Pintor Marsà . Av. Catalunya, 112. Tel: 973 501 516.
Pensión Goya . C/ Vilanova, 10. Tel: 973 312 970


Taxi Jaime Font (Tàrrega) . Tel: 973 311 567


[Camino Ignaciano en bicicleta tipo gravel] De Tàrrega a Cervera el camino es apto para bicicleta de cicloturismo, hay tramos de tierra pero se pueden hacer sin problema. La subida a Cervera tiene su pendiente, pero vale la pena.

The Hermanas Sagrada Familia in Cervera, Sr. Montserrat, showed me their mother house. In their chapel is the small statue of Mare de Déu de L'incendi, brought by a Jesuit from Argentina. It was in the old Jesuit church, which becomes now the Muncipal meeting room.

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