Step 23. Palau d'Anglesola – Verdú (24,7 km)

Do everything you do without expecting praise: but let everything you do be such as cannot justly be blamed

No difficulties for cyclists

Palau d'Anglesola : Km 0. Castellnou : Km 8. Bellpuig: Km 12.5. Verdú: Km 24.7.

From the Plaça Major square we turn 90° right and in 500 metres we turn left in Nou Street. We’re on the edge of the village: we cross over a canal via a small bridge and turn right at the first track that appears just after the bridge and a house.

The road runs parallel to the canal, which is on our right. In 400 metres we take the left hand fork, away from the canal and heading for Castellnou de Seana. In 600 metres we cross a road and in another 1 kilometre we cross another one.

We follow our path, without veering left or right. Sometimes, the road crosses others, but we continue straight ahead. After 1.7 kilometres we cross another road. Take care here: after crossing the road, we don’t take the first road on the right, but the second, which is almost facing us.

We follow it and shortly we pass three farm buildings on our left. Continuing straight on, we can already make out Castellnou de Seana ahead of us. The trail forks before reaching the village: take the left track, thus avoiding the roundabout and we are better placed for the main road and the church square. The City Hall is nearby.

To leave the town, from the school building we set off along Calvario Street that leads to a fork with Marius Tort Street on our left but we do not take this; instead, we continue along the same street. Having left the town, we continue along the asphalt road which goes straight on, passing near fields and agricultural buildings. We pass a stone and sand quarry on our left, approaching the bridge that crosses the A-2 highway. We cross the bridge and follow our road towards the railway tracks.

In 800 m we pass a bridge and turning round to our left we descend to the tunnel of the same bridge through which we pass to reach the other side of the tracks where we see the town of Bellpuig in front of us. We have seen some Saint James Camino signs guiding our turn under the bridge. At the first roundabout we turn left, and then right at the second roundabout to enter the village. We continue straight down into Avinguda d' Urgell Street until we reach Ramon Folch Square. We cross it and at the roundabout we continue straight on to reach Sant Roc Square and then we take on our right Calle Mayor Street. At the end of this street, we turn 90 degrees to the left into Balmes Street and then after 80 m we turn 90 degrees to the right always in Balmes Street, in effect, making a Z. At this point Avinguda Preixana Street should be behind us and the church (which we will not reach) should be in front of us.

Walking straight through Balmes Street we leave town on a paved road that we continue straight along until we come to a two-lane paved road. We cross it and continue straight along the same path without deviating.  1.5 km from the last junction, we see the Motocross Circuit of Catalunya on our left. We keep walking on the same path and we arrive in front of a farm that has two food containers, one labelled TEGAPOL. We take a dirt road that we find on our right, following the farm fence. We continue following the same path until we reach a bridge over a ditch. We cross it and we continue straight on the road in front of us. 

The dirt road becomes asphalt when we reach a typical Catalan farmhouse. A signpost indicates the direction to Preixana. We don’t follow that direction, instead continuing straight ahead, leaving the farm on our right. 1.3 km from the farm we turn right onto a dirt road and then in 100 m we turn left on the same road. We head straight on without deviating. In a few meters we pass a sand quarry on our right and we keep walking straight ahead in the same road.  We arrive at the LV- 2021 road. To our right is a small religious shrine dedicated to the Mother of God of Remedy. Cross the road and continue straight on our dirt road. We come to a junction of five roads and we take the second on our left, which is quite wide. We follow it down to the road, the C -14. Cross it and continue straight on towards Verdú. 

When we reach the ditch we cross over it towards Verdú and the hermitage of Sant Miquel on the edge of town. We continue straight on, through the streets. Following Sant Miquel Street, we reach a junction and straight ahead we find Sant Pere Claver Street. At the beginning of the street, on the left, is the Shrine - Birthplace of St. Peter Claver where the pilgrims’ hostel is situated.

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City Hall. . Tel: 973 320 408.
Hostal Agustín Martín Mingot. . av. Catalunya, 32. Tel: 973 320 076
Hotel Stop ** . Tel. 973 320 865 (1 km from the village on the N-II road)
Refugio de Peregrinos . (8 beds) Tel: 973 320 408 (call 2 days in advance or write to

Castellnou de Seana

Casa Rural Olivé . Tel: 973 321 373.
City Hall . The City Hall provides refuge for 8 pilgrims (Tel: 607 784 458 / 973 320 705). The Restaurant Café Modern can provide information n (c/ Sant Blai, 23. Tel: 973 320 843 / 655 926 549).
Taxi Segarra . Tel: 630 538 180


Pilgrim's Hostel of Saint Peter Claver . 30 beds. Calle de Sant Pere Claver, 30 Tel. 687 095 070 Email: Closed from November to March.
Casa rural Ca N’Aleix . Arquebisbe Terés, 10, tel. 973 311 393 / 661 309 397.
Casa rural Cal Roca . Margorell, 21, tel. 973 347 225 / 639 010 186.
Casa Rural L'Era de Can Roger . c/ Sant Miquel, 34 Tel: 973 311 393 / 678 640 343.
City Hall . Tel: 973 347 007. Tourism office Tel. 973 347 216.
Touristic Apartments Cal Senyor Joan . Plaça Major, 21, tel. 636 990 493


Ayuntamiento . City hall Tel: 973 311 162.
Cal Faba, casa rural . (10 people, full rental) Plaza Mayor, 5. Tel: 686 847 589


Lleida – Palau d’Anglesola - Tàrrega (pasando por Verdú) [Camino Ignaciano en bicicleta tipo gravel] Este tramo lo hice por carretera, circulando por la antigua nacional N-IIa. Mucha atención al salir de Lleida, sobre todo en el tramo que nos separa hasta llegar a la N-IIa (la LL-11 dirección Barcelona) porque hay mucho tráfico rodado, mucho camión y los ciclistas somos muy frágiles, aunque el arcén, por suerte, es bastante ancho. Una vez se coge la carretera N-IIa (la antigua nacional) se está más tranquilo. Además, esta carretera transcurre paralela al camino de los peregrinos de a pie o en mountainbike. En esta etapa se pedalea sin gran problema, la carretera es factible, no hay desniveles importantes y el paso por los diferentes pueblos Bell Lloc d’Urgell, Sidamon, Palau d’Anglesola y Mollerusa siempre es agradable. Atención con las entradas y salidas de las ciudades y pueblos. Si no se tiene GPS, más vale ir preguntando a los locales porque las flechas naranjas no están presentes cuando se opta por hacer el camino por carretera. El tramo Palau d’Anglesola – Tàrrega – Verdú lo hice por carretera. La antigua carretera, la N-IIa nos lleva son problemas de Palau a Mollerusa y después a Bellpuig y Tàrrega. Para ir a Verdú se ha de tomar la C-14 a la salida de Tàrrega.

The mayor of Verdú met me, because Vera informed him that there is a Jesuit from Indonesia. The mayor, Mr. Josef Riera has been to Indonesia, even to Semarang, where I live. He bought furnitures from a town Jepara, close to Semarang, which is well known because of the teakwoods furniture. He showed me the Castel, and brought me to the old parish priest, who showed the old Church. St. Peter Claver was baptized there. Not only that, he gave me a bottle of red wine of Verdú.

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