Step 20. Candasnos – Fraga (26,8 km)

The sharper you are at noticing other people’s failings, the more apt will you be to overlook your own

No difficulties for cyclists, although the descent to the plateau of Los Monegros is steep and some sections of the road have deep grooves because of the rain.

Candasnos: Km 0. Petrol Station: Km 13. Fraga: Km 26.8.

From the centre of town, we go out by the street called Calle de la Balsa del Tejar (Tejar Ferry St), which is next to the church. We pass the city baths on our right and we continue straight, following the N-II on our left. We enter the Cañada Real, an asphalt road at first and then dirt.

A bridge brings us across the AP-2 or Northeast Highway. To our left we see the Hotel Cruzanzana.  Continue parallel to the N-II, which is on our left. 3 kilometres from the bridge we cross the N-II through a tunnel and climb to the right to find a path and continue walking parallel to N-II, but now it is on our right. Keep straight ahead, at times going a little away from the N-II, but always in sight of it. We pass a petrol station and continue straight. A line of electricity poles serves as a guide.

We reach the end of the plateau and Fraga lies before us in the valley of the river Cinca. We have arrived at an abandoned petrol station and are back to the N-II. We continue along the side of the N-II and soon take a road to the left which will bring us away from the N-II. It stays on the plateau, while the N-II goes down to the Cinca valley. Our road divides: take the right, leaving the left next to an electricity tower. The road provides a magnificent view of the valley. Passing a small stone building we again find a fork in the road at the foot of an electricity tower; we take the right, downhill. A yellow arrow on the left reminds us we are still going “against the current”.

We make our way by a sharp descent. Just before we reach the plain, our road ends in another one, which we take to our left. We continue straight on for approximately 200 meters and turn right on another road that starts here and descends to

Fraga. Red and white signs help us to follow the right road, but be careful and do not forget to turn right, because the white and red marks go straight on, which is not the right direction. Our road brings us straight down to Fraga. We reach the highway and turn right. After 100 m we find a roundabout which indicates “N-II to Lerida.” We enter the city on the N-II which becomes the beautiful Avenida (Avenue) de Aragón. Straight ahead and we reach the river Cinca. The Ignatian Way continues past the river in the old quarter, next to City Hall.

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Taxi Carlos (Bujaraloz) . Tel: 608 782 616 (taxi for 5 and 8 pilgrims)


City Hall . Tel: 974 470 050. With a pilgrim’s certificate available in the parish office (Tel: 974 470 183 / 974 470 865) it is possible to stay in bungalows at the Fraga camping-restaurant, which is 1 kilometre outside the town, walking up Soses Street.
Hostal Aribau . Avenida de Madrid 25, Tel: 974 471 887
Hostal Oasis . Ctra. Nacional II km 442, Tel: 974 470 654
Hostal Trébol . Avenida de Aragón, 9. Tel: 974 471 533
Pensión Olles . Avenida de Madrid 33, Tel: 974 453 834


[Camino Ignaciano en bicicleta tipo gravel] En los tramos llanos, solitarios y profundos de los Monegros, los ciclistas pueden optar por ir por la carretera (la nacional N-II). Las grandes líneas rectas, la poca circulación y la buena visibilidad hacen que el recorrido sea bastante apacible y en apariencia fácil. Eso sí, no hay que olvidar que estamos en un paraje inhóspito y de grandes extremos (más de 40 grados en verano) y en donde encontraremos escasos punto de descanso (y de sombra) a mitad de camino. Recomiendo retomar fuerzas y refrescarse cuando la ocasión lo permita. Después de la gasolinera, tendremos unos 6-7km hasta llegar a un restaurante, justo antes de iniciarse la bajada hacia Fraga. Los ciclistas pueden entonces dejar la nacional N-II y tomar la vieja carretera (en el desvío que encontrarán a la derecha). Esta carretera (en muy buen estado) no tiene casi tráfico y presenta menor pendiente, lo que permite circular mucho más tranquilamente hasta Fraga y disfrutar de la bajada, que es mítica y sabe a gloria… aunque aconsejo no olvidarse de ir apretando el freno… Recuerdo para los ciclistas: casco, prenda o chaleco reflectante, luz delantera y luz roja trasera son indispensables para el ciclista que opta por ir por carretera, da igual el calor que haga o lo que te deslumbre el sol. Toda prudencia es poca cuando se pedalea por carretera.

The third week ends today in Fraga. The "week" has been a wonderful blessing for me. Wandering in the desierto de los Monegros should have been challenging and hot. In fact God has been always showing a blessing in disguisse. The weather was favorable for me. Clouds became the umbrella. Indeed I am darker a bit, because of exposing to the southern sun all the time. But in general I would say that it is nothing compared to the hidden treasure in the los Monegros. A beautiful part of my spiritual experience is about the third week itself. It is not only about contemplating Jesus' suffering. It is not only following the way to the cross. It is however more about the realization of my positive answer to God. It is putting into real life the answer "yes" to Jesus' calling, which we answered during the second week. Do I know the huge risk by answering "yes" to Jesus? I am ready to take any risk for Jesus.

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