Step 19. Bujaraloz – Candasnos (21 km)

When the devil instills into your mind mean and petty thoughts, turn your memory to the benefits God has shown you in times past

No difficulties for cyclists, although there is a small stretch of 300 metres on the Cañada Real  between Peñalba  and Candasnos where the road almost disappears and becomes a path. Maintaining balance on the bike will be difficult.

Bujaraloz: Km 0. Peñalba: Km 10.5. Candasnos: Km 21.

We leave the centre of town, reaching Calle Baja (Low Street) and passing in front of the Shrine of Our Lady of Mercy. We go straight to the N-II. We will continue parallel to it, keeping it on our right, on an asphalt country road. Some industrial buildings are on the left. We go straight ahead.

We always carry on straight, without taking any of the junctions that we very often come across. 3 kilometres far from Bujaraloz, the path diverges and we take the left one, the right one goes up. Next to a farm, on our left, our way merges with another one and we turn it right. After 250 metres the way diverges: we take the left one. 2 kilometres further we come across road A-2213 and we turn right, just for some metres as very soon we take the asphalt road starting on the left.

The asphalt becomes dirt. We go down and at the bottom of the hill we take a road to the right that goes to the village of Peñalba, which we can see now at the end of the road. We go straight down to the street of Joaquin Costa and take left towards the town hall square and the church. We continue down Ramon y Cajal Street. We reach the water channel and we cross the bridge. After crossing the bridge, we turn to our right and follow the canal to the bridge carrying the N-II.

We pass underneath this bridge and continue straight on to an asphalt road that we take, without ever crossing the canal. We continue straight on and the asphalt changes to dirt. To our left is a farm and the silhouette of a black bull, up on a hill. We continue onwards on the level. We pass a lake which we leave on our right. Soon we come to an electricity pole and we take the road that goes off to our left up to the top of the hill. Electricity poles line the road.

In the end we are arriving at the top and also at the Interregional road (NII). We don´t go across but we get a soil way which is parallel to the right onside, it goes down for a little and then starts up again by a tree area. Our advice for the bikers is to avoid this last way going up because it is not in a good state. It can be avoided if, ones you go down by the first way, you will continuous by the NII road to get it up. On the whole it is 500 meters, going very carefully because of the traffic, which is full of lorry trucks. Ones this up way finished, there is a rest area with a fruit shop. At this point, one can be again at the sideway, most pilgrims can follow it on foot, and it goes always next to the NII road. The yellow signs are guiding us against the straightway. We arrive at a little bridge over the little river. We cross over and follow always on a parallel way next to the NII. Very near to Candasnos town, we can follow the gateway to this town.

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Taxi Carlos . Tel: 608 782 616 (taxi for 5 and 8 pilgrims)


City Hall . Tel: 974 463 001.
Hotel Cruzanzana** . 2 kilometres out of town, according to the itinerary of the next stage Tel: 974 463 044. It does not offer rooms.
Pensión El Pilar . (Sundays closed). Tel: 974 463 017. It does not offer rooms.
Pensión La Colina** . (Saturdays closed). Tel : 974 463 051.


Casa Rural El Balsetón . c/ Carmen 24. Tel: 649 545 450

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