Step 18. Venta de Santa Lucía – Bujaraloz (21,3 km)

It is stupid to neglect an immediate opportunity to serving God in the hope of doing something greater in future, for it may well be that you will lose the one without gaining the other

No difficulty for cyclists

Venta de Santa Lucia: Km 0. Petrol Station: Km 11.4. Bujaraloz: Km 21.3.

We wake up and we have a decision to make: either to follow the N-II road, on our right or we take the road marked with orange arrows, which takes us away from the N-II. The first option meets again the second after 1 kilometres on the N-II; the second reaches the same point after a walk of 3 km. The advantage of the second option over the first is that it avoids the N-II, but we have also to walk on asphalt for 1.5 km. It is up to the pilgrim to decide.

If you follow the N-II, just go straight, being very careful of the traffic. After 1 kilometres we meet with who have taken the other way, at the junction with the road that comes from Quinto and leads to Venta de Santa Lucia.

If we follow the second option, on the dirt road, we take the road to our right that brings us away from the N-II road. We keep going ahead without any deviation, until we reach the A-1105 road, which goes to Quinto. We take a left and we turn back to the N-II.

After 50 m on the N-II, we take a dirt road on our right and continue straight on, without taking any of the intersections that cross it. If in doubt, we must continue as parallel as possible to the N-II, which serves as a guide, always on our left. We arrive at the Elf petrol station.

Leaving the petrol station, we follow the dirt road in the same direction as before. We walk parallel to the N-II, keeping it on the left. At 5 kilometres from the petrol station, our dirt road crosses the N-II and we continue parallel to it, but now with the N-II to our right. Keep on without any deviation, following the N-II as far as Bujaraloz. We take Santiago Street and arrive at the Main Square.

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City Hall . Tel: 976 173 175
Hostal El Español** . (reduced fare for pilgrims and breakfast from 6:30 am). Tel: 976 173 192 / 976 173 043.
Hostal La Parrilla Monegros II . Tel: 976 173 230.
Hostal Las Sabinas . Tel: 976 179 328. (discount for pilgrims)

Venta de Santa Lucía

Taxi Carlos (Bujaraloz) . Tel: 608 782 616 (taxi for 5 and 8 pilgrims)
Taxi José Mª Franco (Pina de Ebro) . Tel: 618 543 767

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