Step 16. Zaragoza – Fuentes de Ebro (30,2 km)

However great your poverty, spare no expense that nothing may be wanting for the welfare of the sick

No difficulties for cyclists.

Zaragoza (El Pilar): Km 0. Cartuja Baja: Km 9.3. Burgo de Ebro: Km 16.9. Fuentes de Ebro: Km 30.2.

The starting point is the Basilica of the Pillar and we head towards the promenade by the Ebro river, leaving it on our left the whole time. We walk along the Paseo de Echegaray y Caballero, under the bridge of Camino de las Torres, until we pass under the bridge of the Ronda de la Hispanidad and then we go straight along the dirt path called «Camino Natural La Alfranca». We are guided securely by the signs marking the GR-99 and the posts pointing towards La Alfranca.

Five km from Zaragoza we pass under the Z-40 bridge. We continue by the river, avoiding the side paths. With the river beside us, we reach a crossroads where we turn 90 degrees to our right: it is well marked and the bell tower of Cartuja Baja can be seen just 800 m ahead of us. We reach the main façade of the Cartuja and turn right, taking the Camino de los Muros (Camino of the Walls), which will lead us towards Burgo de Ebro. We take the dirt road that opens before us and we follow it for 500 meters till cross a tunnel.

Continue straight on the dirt track. The road forks: we go up to the right, following the GR signs. Keep ahead, without turning on any side road. After 2 kilometres we meet the railway and the highway on our right. Pass close to them by a bridge and then continue straight on. We are in the industrial zone of Galacho.

We go straight on, parallel to the highway. We arrive at a roundabout. If we were to go under the highway we would enter the town of Torre de Barracón, but we will not. However, we go straight on, parallel to the highway, which ends here and becomes the N-232 road. Following it, we reach Burgo de Ebro

The same Castellón road that allowed us to leave Zaragoza is the one that takes us to Burgo, going through it from one side to the other one. We take the same road, and at the exit, next to some sport facilities (swimming pools, football ground), a track road starts on the left, leading to a pinewood park. After that we continue straight up on our right. In 1 kilometre we come to a fork with an electrical tower: we take the road to the left. We carry on walking on the way that turns into a wide bend to surround the residential area of Virgen de la Columna, whose shrine is on our right.

We pass near the archaeological site of La Cabañeta, where Roman remains from the second century BC were found. We leave them on our left. We continue straight on. At the crossroads we continue straight on. We pass under the bridge that carries the ARA-1 highway across the irrigation canal that is right on our left.

We enter the industrial park "The Espartal". We follow the canal which is always on our left. When we reach a small bridge over the canal, we take the asphalt road that starts on our right. We are in the "Cañada Real las Peñas”.

At the end of the industrial park the road turns right, but we continue straight ahead and we cross the water canal. We can see Fuentes de Ebro in front of us. We will follow the same dirt road straight ahead to the town until we find a paved bridge crossing the railway line. We do not cross it but at 250 metres from the bridge, on our left begins a road which guides us directly to the town.

The road leads us to the railway line. We follow the tracks in the direction of Fuentes. We pass between two buildings and approach the bridge over the railroad. We cross it and enter the town.

Continuing along Francisco de los Ríos street, we find the N-232 which goes through the village.

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Fuentes de Ebro

City Hall . Tel: 976 169 100.
Hostal Elena** . Tel: 976 160 267.
Hostal Patio** . Tel: 976 160 640
Hostal San Miguel . Tel: 976 169 071
Hostal Texas . Tel: 976 160 419.
Taxi Taxiva . 627 57 42 90


Cooperativa de Auto Taxi . Tel: 976 751 414
Radio Taxi 24h . Tel: 976 424 242


Now I would say that whoever skip this steps, one will miss the most beautiful part of the third week of the Camino Ignaciano. God sent me an angel. I met in Fuentes de Ebro, a man from Poland. His name is Rafael. We met in front of the Church of San Miguel. It is very interesting, isn't it? He didn't know the Camino Ignaciano, but he walks the route, from Santiago down to Montserrat. He has been three months on the way, and he spent the night more of the time out of the albergues or hostals. He sleeps under the stars. As I was sitting inside the restaurant in Venta de St. Lucia, he entered to ask for water, to fill his bottle. Then we continue our walk together. On the way he gave me advices, how to sleep under the stars at night. Under a tree has a risk of many bugs. He continued to walk, I stopped 2 km after the Venta de St. Lucia, and prepared my night there. It was a wonderful night, with fullmoon and stars. If I couldn't sleep right away, it must be because of the fullmoon ( I am a bit lunatic :)) I must admit though that it was also because I was a little bit afraid, if someone or any animal might come approaching me, lying on the field unprotected at night. But nothing happened. I woke up at 5. Very fresh to continue to walk, using the bright moon lighting the way. I had to walk to make myself a bit warm on that cold morning. Thank you for planning such a beautiful Camino Ignaciano.The beauty will come to reality only if one walks on it fully. Tomorrow I start the fourth week. And the Jesuit community in Lleida is welcoming me to stay with them. God is everywhere and He shows His abundant love to us.

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