Step 15. Alagón – Zaragoza (30,5 km)

Give my only thy love and thy grace, O Lord, and I am rich enough; I ask for nothing more

No difficulties for cyclists

Alagón: Km 0. Torres de Berrellén: Km 7.3. Sobradiel: Km 10.9. Utebo: Km 16.5. Monzalbarba: Km 19.7. Highway crossing: Km 24. Zaragoza (El Pilar): Km 30.5.

We start from the centre of Alagón, going down the Calle Chacón, in the direction of the Calle de la Estación, because we’re going toward a bridge which crosses the train line outside of town. Going straight ahead, the road takes us over a second bridge, this one crossing AP-68 highway.

Right after crossing the highway, we turn right onto a road which is at first paved and then becomes a dirt road. This road runs parallel to the highway, which accompanies us on our right for a good stretch. We will reach a bridge over the highway. We don’t cross that bridge, but it serves as a point of reference for a roadway to our left, which we take. This road cuts away from the highway at a right angle.

The dirt road now gives way to the asphalt that marks our path. We keep straight on and we come across Jalón River on our right. We come close to Jalón River following it along its left. We cross the river and after that the path takes us further from it, in a sharp bend to the right. We always keep straight on the asphalt road till we arrive in Torres de Berrellén.

We enter the town on the Calle de Garfilán and we head to the City Hall. We visit the church in Aragon Street and finally we leave town by way of Calle Cervantes and Camino de Sobradiel. We will find ourselves in open fields. About 600 meters further on we cross an irrigation canal and keep going straight. Many of the present-day canals date from the Muslim period. Two kilometres further on we reach a point where the road divides in two in order to allow a canal to flow down the middle of it. We take the roadway to the left, so that the canal is to our right, and we walk parallel to the canal until we reach the small town of Sobradiel.

We look for the church, which is in the park, and we continue ahead passing the church to our left. The Calle del Pino takes us toward the exit from town. We continue straight on the paved road, which after 1.6 kilometres turns 90 degrees to the right and leaves us at a bridge which again crosses AP-68 highway. We cross the highway and find ourselves at a roundabout. We take the second exit, which sends us toward the industrial area. After about 100 meters, we take a paved road (which is later unpaved), which runs alongside the wall of the last company. The train station of Casetas is on our right. About 200 meters ahead we find the Magrisa factory, which we keep on our right. After about two kilometres, this road will take us to Utebo, without crossing the train tracks again and without actually entering into the town of Casetas. We see the town of Utebo in the distance and we head towards its church.

We turn 90 degrees to the left on Calle de Joaquín Costa, which soon becomes Calle Miguel Hernández. We head toward the centre of town. After passing the plaza and a garden, we turn to our right, entering onto Calle Antonio Machado. This takes us out of town, and after a kilometre it crosses a bridge over the highway.

After crossing the bridge, we walk straight ahead, parallel to an irrigation canal on our right. We cross the canal a little further on and continue to follow it, but now it’s on our left. The road “jumps” from one canal to another one, which now is on our right. We follow it just 100 meters and continue straight along our route until we come out on a street from which we can already see the next town: Monzalbarba. Turning to our left, we enter the town by the Calle de Nuestra Señora la Sagrada (an old Roman road), and we walk straight through.

Just as we leave town by the Camino de Monzalbarba, we find the small church of Nuestra Señora la Sagrada. The road turns 90 degrees to the right, but we continue straight ahead on the paved road. We are in the path of La Almozara. We walk always straight on for a few kilometres. We leave a road on our right which leads to a bridge over the highway. We continue straight on our road until we find another bridge over which we cross the highway. After crossing the bridge, we pass through a tunnel, and then cross the last bridge – all of which saves us going through the highway intersection and announces our arrival in Zaragoza. We continue on straight until we reach the bank of the Ebro River. We make a 90 degree turn to our right, and we walk along the riverside path.

We continue on the road, which keeps following the river, which is to our left. In case it is not obvious: what we have before us is what once was ExpoZaragoza-2008, a large international exposition on the topic of water. We enter Zaragoza, where all the roads are fine, as long as we stay near the Ebro River. Located on the river (which we keep always on our left) are the old centre of town and the Plaza del Pilar, which we find after crossing the Puente de Santiago and before reaching the Puente de Piedra.

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Autotaxi Ferruz . Tel: 976 854 063
Taxi Aguilar . Tel: 653 706 707
Taxi Angel . Tel: 657 529 269


Ayuntamiento . City Hall Tel.: 976 721 100.
City Hall . Tel.: 976 721 100.
Pensión Emilio . Plaza España, 8. Tel.: 976 770 137 / 615 414 758
Pensión Los Gultis . Tel.: 976 771 398.

Torres de Berrellén

Pilgrims’ Hostel . (8 places). City Hall: 976 653 101. Aroa Café (Avenida Goya, 8) also have the keys of the hostel. Tel: 976 653 866.


Ayuntamiento . City Hall Tel.: 976 770 111.
Hotel El Águila*** . Ctra. Logroño, km 13,4. Tel.: 976 771 100
Hotel Europa . Ciudad de Ponce 4, Tel.: 976 792 900
Hotel Las Ventas*** . Ctra. Logroño, km 10,5. Tel.: 976 770 482.
Pensión Arade . , Las Parras 4, Tel.: 616 997 358
Pensión Don Juan . San Lamberto 14, Tel.: 650 770 575
Pensión Nueva Avenida . Tel.: 976 770 503.
Pensión Silvio . Paseo Berbegal, 22. Tel.: 976 770 503.


Hostal El Descanso . (24 rooms) C/ San Lorenzo, 2. Tel.: 976 291 741.
Hostal San Jorge* . Calle Mayor, 4. Tel.: 976 397 462.
Hotel Las Torres*** . Plaza del Pilar, 11. Tel.: 976 394 250.
Hotel Sauce . Calle Espoz y Mina, 33, Tel: 976 205 050 / 900102146
Pensión Iglesias . c/ Verónica, 14. Tel.: 976 293 161
Pensión Manifestación . Tel.: 976 295 821 / 666 114 096.
Youth Hostel Baltasar Gracián . C/ Franco y López, 4. Tel.: 976 306 690
Youth Hostel Zaragoza . C/ Predicadores, 70. Tel.: 976 282 043.

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