Step 14. Gallur – Alagón (21,7 km)

The more desperate things seem, the more must we hope in God. When man’s aid fails, God’s is close at hand

An easy stage for cyclists, although there is a section of the CV-911 that carries a great deal of traffic and so care should be taken.

Gallur: Km 0. Luceni: Km 8.2. Alcalá de Ebro: Km 12.5. Cabañas de Ebro: Km 16.5. Alagón: Km 21.7.

We start out Parc of Pignatelli, next to the canal. From there we take the Calle del Camino Real, in homage to the old Camino Real which Saint Ignatius trod in his time; today it is road VP-24, broader and paved over.

Walking always straight ahead, we will reach Luceni, after passing a roundabout at the intersection of the road that goes to Boquinemi.

We enter town by Calle de Ramón y Cajal, which we follow straight through the town with no problem. At one point we will pass the town plaza to our left, with its banks and plane trees. We continue on straight. Upon leaving the town, we find a turnoff which would take us to Pedrola, but we keep going straight. It is highly likely that is the place at which Ignacio’s mule decided to follow the Camino Real rather than the path of the Muslim who had argued with Ignacio. We are in the street Daoiz y Velarde, in front of house number 37. We continue our path straight ahead, following the Autobiography, and the tracks of the famous mule. After a few kilometres we come close to a bend of the Ebro, which tells us that we are near the town of Alcalá de Ebro. Turn left to go directly to the City Hall and Cervantes Street, where the road begins which leads towards the town of Cabañas de Ebro.

In this town it is worth having a look at the church and the monument to Sancho Panza, a relevant figure here, since we are in the “Ínsula de Barataria,” described in El Quijote. It is really not an island but it does get cut off when the Ebro is in flood stage. The statue is situated behind the church. Walking along Calle Cervantes, we leave town after about 500 meters, and there we find a crossroads. We take the road to the left, toward Cabañas, which becomes a path after a little more than a kilometre and gradually takes us close again to the Ebro River.

We continue straight ahead, with the Ebro to our left, for about one kilometre, until we reach Cabañas de Ebro. With the church on our right, we enter the town and cross through it, leaving by Calle Mayor. From there we follow the CV-411 which, after 1.5 kilometres, takes us to the CV-911 which we take on our left. This road has a lot of traffic so care is needed. After 1.5 kilometres, we come upon a tunnel to our right which crosses under AP-68 highway. We go through the tunnel and then pass also under the train line by way of another tunnel. This road takes us directly to Alagón. If we cross the road and follow in a straight line, the Avenida de la Portalada will take us to the centre of the town.

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City Hall . Tel.: 976 610 300.
Hostal Baraka . , San Pedro, 13. Tel.: 976 616 011
Hotel Los Ángeles . , Plaza Alhóndiga, 4. Tel.: 976 611 340.
Pensión Jarea . Méndez Núñez 45, Tel.: 629 489 776

Cabañas de Ebro

Casa Rural Guadalupe . (capacity 24 people) Callizo de la Jota, 3. Tel.: 637 524 363.
City Hall . Tel.: 976 611 086.
Hostal Cubero . Av. Alagón 23, Tel: 976 611 720


Taxi Zueco . Tel: 976 857 318


City Hall . Tel.: 976 652 003.
Hotel La Imperial** . Ctra. Logroño, km 37. Tel.: 976 652 111.
Hotel Reino de Aragón**** . Tel.: 976 468 200.
Pensión Alejandro . , Calle del Horno 1, Tel.: 679 441 838

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